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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government 

Official Distributor and Reseller for Major Brands of Printer Cartridge Printer Cartridge Supply (Ink, Toner, Ribbon)

Genuine products and professional service are keys to a reputable business

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The civil service in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government carried out by 13 policy bureaux and 56 departments, employs approximately 174,900 people. They work as a collective, responsible for administering public services and assisting principal officials in formulating policies and carrying out decisions.

Over the course of our 30-year business relationship, Union has exhibited to be a trustworthy, reliable printer cartridge supplier for all Departments within the HKSAR Government. Union being the official distributor for major brands, is committed to provide genuine, original toners or ink cartridge, which are fully supported by the manufacturers. We are awarded with "No Fake Pledge" annually to further demonstrate our determination in selling genuine goods and refusing to distribute counterfeit or pirated products. 

Our account manager is responsible for Departments' enquiry and always provides prompt and professional advice that fit different requirements. To date, Departments such as Hong Kong Immigration Department, Inland Revenue Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, are our frequent returning customer. 

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