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Café De Coral Group 

Professional printer and cartridge supply for a significant dinning business in Hong Kong 

 Location : 400+ Restaurants 
All-in-One (Print, Copy, Scan, Fax) Copier 
Wireless Mobile Inkjet Printer – Reception
Scanner with Stand - QR code for coupon

Founded in 1968, Café De Coral Group is a signature dining brand that perfectly depicts the fast paced living and working culture of Hong Kong. To date, the group is one of the largest publicly listed restaurant and catering groups in Asia. With over 450 diners in Hong Kong and the Mainland China, the group covers a wide variety of cuisines, including casual dining restaurants, western-style restaurants, and cooperation with overseas restaurant groups. It also operates an ISO-certified food processing business in Hong Kong and Mainland China, serving major hospitals, universities, private and public corporations and schools. 

Whilst Café De Coral Group emphasizes the importance of offering quality dish at an affordable price, they constantly expand new flavour and introduce new restaurant choices to the market, keeping an optimum variety of dining option for customers.

This innovative spirit has push the group to regularly review their current solution and reinvest in new equipment to improve its service standard and productivity. 

When it comes to operation efficiency, Union has been a reliable supplier to assist Café De Coral Group over the past 10 years. We provide IT and printing solutions to the dining group, serving their chain dinning outlets including The Spaghetti House, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, Mixian Sense and Shanhai Lao Lao. 

Individual dining outlets need to attend to high traffics, especially during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for which Union offered reliable printing solutions for the outlets’ office and reception. A model of monochrome All-in-One Copier, a compact device that features printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, was selected for the office room. The copier achieves high definition printouts up to 1200x1200 dpi for clear and vivid text and image documents. Designed for small and medium office environment, the copier also equipped with a vari-angle operation panel for user to tilt the panel according the device placement. For the reception desk, a lightweight, wireless mobile printer is chosen for the confined space. The device is only 32 x 21 x 6 cm in size, perfect for printing documents at the front desk. With the removable battery attached, it gives users more operation options Nevertheless, the anti-theft lock slot secures the printer in the public area. The well-chosen printers should accommodate the operation needs of the dining outlets, and we endeavor to continuously provide satisfying solutions for Café De Coral Group. 

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