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Product and Services

Union Enterprises offers a wide range of IT services and products for our customers to enhance business growth and operational efficiency. Our products and services include data storage, video conference solutions, digital signage & display solution, computer & peripherals, office supplies, and printing & document management solution. We also offer personal electronic products, electronic appliance etc.


Under the impetus of new technologies and new concepts, Union Enterprises aligns with innovative brands and offers STEM and I&T education solution, including teaching equipment, course frameworks and training.

Video Conference Solution

Video conferencing (VC) is a technology that allows business users to hold face-to-face meetings in different locations, cities or countries, without the need to meet up in a single location together.

Digital Signage & Display

Digital signage use technologies such as LCD, LED, and Projection to display multimedia messages. These can be images, videos, streaming media, and information.

Currently, the display solution is on an uptrend for the contemporary commercial world.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) & Robotic

Union Enterprises provides AI robotic arm solution for local businesses such as NGO, engineering firm, factories, and media studios, to incorporate robotic in their operations.

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20210623-DSCF0828 2_edited.jpg
Printing and Document Management

Effective and efficient document processes are vital business requirements. Our Document Management Service begins with an assessment to capture fleet volumes, user-to-device ratios, print workflows, and common applications. 

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Computer & Peripherals

By choosing the right computers and peripherals, you expand your business offering, reaching new markets.You can reduce costs by automating routine tasks like record keeping, payroll, and accounting.                         

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Website Design & App Development

Whether you belong to a large organisation or recently started a new venture, we offer a range of UX and UI design websites or apps to cater to your needs.

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