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Eaton Club

With the new digital interactive board, meeting will never be the same

Location: Meeting Room , Common Area 
- Samsung Interactive Flip (55”) – Meeting Room
- Flat TV – Signages for displaying Venue information 
IMG_7888 - 複製.jpg

With the rental price in CBD becoming higher every year and the world is trending toward a sharing economy, co-working office has become the new norm in the modern society. Easton Club has caught this trend and taken the chance to cultivate the co-working culture in Hong Kong, developing luxurious offices in Central, Kowloon and Wan Chai, designated to promote this movement.

Occupying the entire 5th floor of Three Garden Road, Central, Eaton Club offers a large space of 3,000 sq. ft, which is perfect for hosting seminars, product launches, exhibitions and networking events. Being the Fintech hub for sophisticated people to meet and mingle, the space is equipped with a top-tier AV and PA system, which makes sure the member and audience are satisfied with the operation of the event. The facilities also include an in-house pantry and bar to cater to all the event requirements.

Union understood functionality and appearance are equally important for Eaton Club, hence we proposed an easy-to-use, smart whiteboard for the venue, bringing the meeting experience to a completely new level. The smart whiteboard was an interactive touchscreen digital display that allowed team members to hold and recap any meeting conveniently. It drove greater collaboration among the team and was ideal for all types of meetings, training or group brainstorming. Its Touch Out function allowed users to sync their personal devices with the whiteboard for real-time content sharing. By the end of each session, members could share all the meeting notes via email, network, thumb drive or even printouts to recap the meeting. This portable whiteboard allowed members to hold meetings anytime and anywhere, putting the co-working culture into practice.

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