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LED Wall

LED has the characteristics of a wide viewing angle and long life, coupled with its high level of brightness and contrast, providing powerful visual effects that capture the audience's attention.

Different P numbers give users more choices. Regardless of indoor short-range or outdoor medium-to-long-distance display environments, there are also many options for users to choose the most economical and suitable LED display.


Projection Display

Projection display is a method of projecting images onto a large screen, wall, curtain, or other flat surface. They are affordable, and effective, and are among many display plans that customers will choose.  Projection display solutions are widely used in many applications, including educational institutions, corporate conferences, entertainment venues and home theaters.

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 Commercial TVs typically feature HD displays with wide color gamuts, allowing them to present vivid and engaging advertising content. They are used for displaying real-time information. This information can help customers and employees access real-time information. TVs are also used in schools, corporate training centers, and other places for training purposes to provide interactive learning experiences and enhance learning performance.

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Interactive Panel

An interactive panel allows users to interact with digital content using gestures or touch inputs. It can be found in various contexts, such as educational institutions, business conferences, or exhibits.

They often utilize technologies like capacitive touch or infrared sensors to detect touch inputs accurately. The panel itself is usually connected to a computer or media player that runs software or applications designed for interactive experiences.


Service Features

We provide excellence service


Professional Consultation

We offer free consultation and site visits so to assess your space, discuss installation options, and provide you with a more accurate quote.


Experienced After-Care Service

Support and troubleshooting: Aftercare service includes providing technical support to address any questions or problems you may have with your LED wall. 


Reliable Technical Capabilities

We have the necessary technical knowledge and skills to handle the display solution installation. We are experienced and familiar with display technologies, wiring, video processors, and control systems.


Training and Support Materials

We see product training as an important part of the solution. We provide workshops, user manuals, and online resources that help you make the most of the features and functionalities of your display solution.

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