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Effortless communication for everyone

Location: Meeting Room 
- Samsung 65” Smart TV
- Logitech Rally Basic +Tap Touch Controller 
- Intel NUC 11 Pro Kit NUC11tnk15
IMG_8170 - 複製.jpg

Air traffic volumes are growing year by year, the complexity for airports to handle the increase in passenger has become a challenge. SITA provides a series of information technology solution that focuses on improving airport management. 

The airport management solution covers a vast array of area, including passenger processing, aircraft data management, baggage management, and cabin connectivity service etc. These systems help airport to manage passengers using real time operational control, reducing passenger congestion. When facing bad weather or experiencing spiking passenger number, the airport can follow SITA’s system to alter the way airport runs which help to the entire check-in, boarding, and arrival procedure. 

SITA being a global company is serving 2,800 customers worldwide, nearly every passenger flight relies on SITA technology. This multinational business relies heavily on internet communication between different headquarters, hence SITA attends to solutions that can cater oversea communication and upgrade the conferencing experience. 

Considering the frequent usage of the VC equipment, Union proposed an easy to use, comprehensive VC solution to the Hong Kong headquarter. The solution involved the setup of a 65” Smart TV, and an all-in-one video bar, perfect for hosting meetings up to 15 participants. 

The all-in-one video bar was made up of advanced audio engineering that delivered powerful, room-filling sound and makes sure every voice was clearly heard. It accommodated larger spaces, starting with a 4.6m pickup range (varies by environment) and could add on up to three additional mic pods. Equipped with the patented Logitech RightSound™ audio processing technologies, the video bar optimized human voice and reduced unwanted noises (like keyboard typing or clicking). Nonetheless, advanced speech detector algorithm was designed to auto-boost the voice of quiet talkers so every word was heard. The operation of this new VC system was seamless and smart, creating effortless meeting in any room. 

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