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To inspire and innovate, say hi to the new TVs

Location : Meeting Room VC Solution
VC & Digital Display Solutions for three meeting rooms :
- Samsung Commercial TV
- 40” Flat TV - 65” 4K Smart TV
- 75” 4K Smart TV
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From milling gunpowder to producing polymer, DuPont constantly innovates and evolves the business since the 19th Century. To date, this corporate is still one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. Primarily engages in biotechnology, Dupont produces a broad array of industrial chemicals that are essential for our daily life.

Innovating in R&D is the key to DuPont’s success. The products designed and developed by DuPont has grown in worldwide importance, which includes new technology and performance materials on our electronic devices like mobile phone or laptop, technology-based products and solutions to the electronics, medical, telecom markets etc, and clean water solution for a more sustainable world. These developments have revolutionized all manufactured goods in our day to day life, from household product to personal items, improving our living standard in a critical way. 

Whilst leading the transformation in global modernization, DuPont has set foot in more than 40 countries, turning local insights into global solutions. Effective communication is important for the team to generate and share ideas across the globe, which is the reason why internal presentation, global conference call and webinar frequently happen in the workplace. 


To advance communication between multiple regions, DuPont worked with Union to set up 4K commercial TVs in two main meeting rooms as digital displays, ensuring the content to be presented on the screen clearly despite the large size of the room. Dual display monitors were also installed for smaller meeting space so participants could view the content from all angles of the room, even from the edge. The installation of the interactive board and VC equipment encouraged team building and communication, shifting regional teamwork to global collaboration, setting the foundation for the ongoing innovation development. 

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