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The University of Hong Kong

Protecting private data when you are on the go

Document Management Solution 
Location : Department of Surgery - LKS Faulty of Medicine

The Department of Surgery is one of the oldest division of University of Hong Kong LKS Faulty of Medicine (HKUMed), which focuses primarily on the development of surgery and surgical education. It nurtures academia or surgeon to serve the patient locally, nationally and around the world, continuously to improve the professional standard of the medical industry. For years, HKUMed has taken up the responsibility to train up doctorate graduates, cultivating thousands of graduates each year to become healthcare professionals to ease the severe doctor shortage in Hong Kong. 

With the prestigious work performed by the Department of Surgery, it handles a large amount of sensitive information frequently shared between multiple parties, including consultants, doctors, and nurses other medical center portal. The data and medical information are required to synchronize in various locations, and allow user to email, download, edit on different devices and upload back to the cloud etc., while the information must be intact and protected during the whole process. 


Union understood the complication of handling sensitive information, and the importance of performing real-time document processing, which was why we came to a conclusion that a highly secured document management solution (DMS) was what the department needed. The dynamic view and pre-defined search functions of the DMS enable user to find the require information with a simple search and make connection between different documents to provide a full picture for the same topic. Users can also access the system using various mobile devices as long as they are connected to the internet, making it possible to work anywhere and at any time. 

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