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TESTSEALABS ®️ COVID-19 Antigen Test Cassette

Best Deal|European Brand • CE、ISO Certified| 300 Packs Per Carton|In stock

TESTSEALABS ®️ COVID-19 Antigen Test Cassette

• 1 Test/ Pack (300 Packs Per Carton)

• Ireland Brand

• Nasal swab specimen collection

• Detects SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen (2019 coronavirus and its virus variants, including Delta and Omicron)

• Rapid results in 15 minutes

• Identifies acute infection with a 95.1% sensitivity, 95%CI: (91.36%~97.34%) and 100% specificity 95%CI: (99.00%~100.00%)

• Adopted by over 200 medical entities including hospital, pharmacies, COVID-19 testing centres in Germany and Ireland.

• EU CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 Certified


Allow the test, specimen, buffer and/or controls to reach room temperature 15-30℃ prior to testing.

1. Place the Extraction Tube in the workstation. Hold the extraction reagent bottle upside down vertically. Squeeze the bottle to let the solution drip freely into the extraction tube without touching the edge of the extraction tube. Add 10 drops of solution to the Extraction Tube.

2. Place the swab specimen into the extraction tube. Rotate the swab for approximately 10 seconds while pressing the head against the inside of the tube to release the antigen in the swab.

3. Remove the swab while squeezing the swab head against the inside of the Extraction Tube as you remove it to expel as much liquid as possible from the swab. Discard the swab in accordance with

your biohazard waste disposal protocol.

4. Cover the tube with cap then add 3 drops of the sample into the sample hole vertically.

5. Read the result after 15 minutes. If you haven't read it for 20 minutes or more, the result is invalid and it is recommended to repeat the test.

[ EU officially agreed ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Test Methods Database:

A common list of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests agreed by the Health Security Committee(July):


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